Hello there! Welcome to Slowpoke Designs. The name is Anthony and if you’re looking for Web or Graphic Design services, I’m your person! I am an aspiring web developer who loves to challenge myself with more creative and beautiful websites. I have over 10 years of Graphic Designing experience with a few of those stepping into Web Design recently.

Based out of Los Angeles, I’ve seen how the industry changes and how to help you keep up with those changes! Client satisfaction and happiness is always my end goal. I hope I get the opportunity to work and help in your esteemed organization, business, etc. I am flexible to work with your needs! Thank you.

Let Me Help You Find What You're Looking for...

With experience ranging from web designing to graphic designing, allow me to help you find what your business or organization might need to give it that extra push in today’s competitive world.

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Slowpoke Designs provides Graphic Design,

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